What's Next For Deep South Focus Photography: Puppies!

Raise your hand if you like PUPPIES!

If you’re thinking “I haven’t seen a blog post from Deep South Focus lately” you are correct. In today’s post I’ll share what has been happening lately in our world.

Julie and I launched Deep South Focus Photography in early 2012, primarily as a weekend photography business to support our photography gear and travel habits. While we enjoy all types of photography, such as photographing landscapes and wildlife while traveling, our primary photography income has been from our specializing in car show and automotive event photography with on-site printing and framing.

We have been very successful with our car show photography business, growing our list of shows and our reach each year. We have photographed automotive events not only in our hometown, Mobile, AL, but as far away as Key West, FL, the Ozarks in Arkansas, the Atlantic seaboard and Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and even Quebec, Canada. Whether it is a car show or charity rally, we provide the participants with great photographic prints and photo gifts to help them commemorate the event for years to come.

As demand for our services grew, it became more challenging for us to commit to events outside of our market area due to my full-time e-commerce and data solutions career, especially after a promotion in 2017 required me to travel to Colorado every other week.

After careful consideration, we decided it was time to focus on growing Deep South Focus Photography. Last fall, I began a transition plan to exit my 13+ year career, and as of April 5th, 2019, I’m a full-time photographer, and business has been rocking! Since then we’ve had two of our biggest, most successful, car shows yet, and our future bookings are going great. Just today we booked events in May and October of 2020.

So, considering most car shows are only on the weekends, what are we going to do with our free time? Those of you that personally know Julie and me will not be surprised about the answer. Aside from occasional commercial photography assignments such as product shoots for websites, we are planning on building out a photo studio to begin offering pet portrait sessions. We love our furry friends just as much as I love looking at classic and custom cars and can’t wait to launch this part of our business.

We'll leave you with this parting shot until next time...