Happy New Year!


Artist - Jon Jeffress

Well another year is a wrap. 2018 was our most successful year yet and we look forward to an even better year this year.

Yesterday morning I generated a collage of our top 9 Instagram posts, not knowing that an image I posted the night before would climb up to the number two spot before the official end of the year. Alabama Colors, was captured Sunday afternoon at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park and posted online Sunday night. The clouds in the sky made for a perfect photo to contrast with the setting sun and the American flag mural on the aircraft pavilion.

Now that you have seen our new number two Instagram post of the year, here is the collage of the original top 9 Instagram posts and a description of each below to round out our top 10.

  1. Asian-American Garden III - A scene from the Asian-American Garden at @bellingrathgardens during @calagazphoto's and @tamronusa's Tamron Tours Magic Christmas in Lights Photography workshop. #photoart #sonya7riii #fineartphotography
  2. Alabama Colors - Battleship on Mobile Bay #somobile #mobilealabama #battleship #iphonephotography #photoart #gulfcoast #ussalabama @theussalabama
  3. Rest Break - Another rest break on the drive from Denver to Mobile. 14-hours down, only 9 more to go.
  4. Majestic Alabama I - USS Alabama, BB-60. Image captured November 21, 2010 @theussalabama #battleship #visitmobile #nikond700 #somobile
  5. MoparFest at the Battleship - It's a beautiful day for a car show! #doingwhatilove #mopar #carshowphotographer #deepsouthfocusphotography #withmytamron
  6. Mopars & More Car Show - It's a beautiful day at Pensacola Beach for the Mopars and More Car Show. Come on out and see all of these amazing vehicles. #carshowphotographer #doingwhatilove #sonya7riii #pensacolabeach #dodgechallenger #dodge #Challenger #unaffiliatesmoparclubgulfcoast #mopar
  7. Man's Best Friend - Three years ago. I sure miss Alex. One of the best dogs ever!
  8. Raton Pass Scenic View - My return trip to Colorado in May to have the custom van build completed.
  9. Chick-fil-A Dwarf House - I had never been to a Chick-fil-A Dwarf House restaurant. Think Chick-fil-A, but with full service dining and a buffet!
  10. Returned Home - Wow. How interesting is that. We acquired our first mobile print studio on this date five years ago, and today I arrived home from Colorado with our new replacement mobile print studio.